2005 / 130m - USA
Drama, Romance
In Her Shoes poster


June 10, 2021


Curtis Hanson goes lengthy drama/romcom. I'm not really sure what notes he was trying to hit here exactly, but none of the three genres are very successful. Instead, you get a bit of everything, spread out over 130 minutes of film. I think people making that kind of commitment deserve more.

Maggie and Rose are sisters, but they have opposite characters. Rose is neat, tidy and needs to be in control, Maggie lives her life from one week to the next. When the two get into a huge fight, Maggie flees to her long-lost grandma in Florida, where she'll try to reconnect with a part of her life she missed out on.

The performances are pretty decent, but the characters are rather shallow. The plot is extremely predictable, the comedy isn't very funny and the drama is way too simplistic to make a real impact. It might've been better if the film only lasted 90 minutes, the 40 minutes excess really killed it for me.