2002 / 88m - UK
In This World poster


September 26, 2020


A fine Winterbottom film. At first, I was a bit hesitant about the subject matter. Films like this have a tendency to be quite heavy-handed, the film's list of accolades didn't look too promising either (as film fests tend to be drawn to that same type of film), but it's nice to see Winterbottom managed to keep it genuine.

In This World follows two refugees on their trip from Pakistan to the UK. It's not a jolly journey and there's quite a bit of drama to wade though, some of is quite confrontational, but it never feels overly cinematic or dishonest. It's simply a trip many try to make in search of a better life.

The semi-documentary style really does wonders for this film. It gives it a more natural feel and puts you right into the action. The soundtrack is also an asset, making the experience that tiny bit more polished. The actors do a good job too and even though the film is somewhat repetitive, it never loses impact. Very good.