2023 / 61m - South Korea
In Water poster


June 09, 2024


So far, I've mostly ignored Sang-soo Hong's work, but he is quite a big name and there aren't that many in the South Korean arthouse scene, so I should get a bit more acquainted with his work. In Water is a more recent (and short) film of his, so it seemed like a good place to continue my journey.

A young director wants to make a short film. He is investing his own money and he arrives with a minimal crew on a small island. He only has one week, but he isn't entirely sure what the narrative of his film will be. They wander around the island, hoping that inspiration will come to them.

The blurry/out-of-focus cinematography is interesting, and the characters and the setting are also pleasant, but other than it's a little too pedestrian for my taste. It didn't bore or annoy me, but I never felt very exhilarated either. It's a perfectly decent drama, with some interesting touches, but nothing too memorable.