2021 / 86m - UK
Infinitum: Subject Unknown poster


March 22, 2021


Time loops on the cheap. I guess this is the kind of film we'll see more often in the coming months, as this was shot during lockdown (which, if you pay attention, was pretty obvious from the way it was set up). A low-budget film with a limited cast and few character interactions. It's a brave attempt, but not a great film.

I will admit that I'm a bit tired of the time loop premise, especially since the first halves of these films invariably hinge on repetition. The second part is usually where things get a bit more interesting and Infinitum is no exception, though by that time it gets there boredom might've already settled it.

Performances aren't that strong, the cinematography looks a little cheap and the premise takes too long to get interesting. The second half is in fact a lot more fun, but the film never really rises above its limitations and with so many similar films out there, Infinitum fails to get itself noticed. Decent sci-fi filler though, if you're in the mood.