San Taam Ka To
2015 / 86m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
An Inspector Calls poster


April 17, 2015


Herman Yau's take on the lunar comedy. It's a peculiar type of film, a slice of extreme Hong Kong comedy featuring a slew of famous actors and plenty of notable cameos. It's not his first try either, but it is one of the better ones. This film is for Hong Kong veterans though, better stay away if you have no idea what these lunar comedies are about.

The plot is little more than an excuse for the comedy, if you're looking for a riveting whodunit better tone down your expectations. A wealthy family is prepping a birthday party, when a cop calls and notifies them of a girl's suicide. Nobody admits any involvement, but it's clear that not everyone is telling the truth.

An Inspector Calls is based on a film from the 50s, other than that I don't see any obvious link (and I have no clue why Yau wanted to remake this particular film). Koo is solid, Yau makes an effort to elevate the film, if ever so slightly, and there are a bunch of fun cameos. In the end, it's all about how resistant you are to this type of humor. I liked it quite a bit, but your mileage may vary.