2021 / 98m - Japan
Musical - Animation
Inu-oh poster


December 28, 2022


I expected more from Yuasa. Sure enough, the animation is lovely and the vibe here is pretty unique, but to riff on 60s rock culture to revolt against classic Japanese music feels wrong? A rock opera in 2022 isn't very punk, it's mostly just oldskool and very kitsch. And it's a shame to see great animation go to waste like that.

Inu-oh is a great singer, but he's too deformed to be allowed to perform. Tomona is a blind musician with a strong interest in the hidden stories of the Heike, a clan defeated by the Genji, the current rulers. Together they set out to revolutionize the music scene, but the reigning shogunate isn't too happy with their endeavor.

The animation is pretty spectacular, and the plot and characters are interesting too, but the final hour is one big musical performance, and it's just lacking. The music is rather dim and the choreography could've used some extra work. The animation kept me glued to the screen, the music prevented Inu-oh from becoming a new personal favorite. Disappointing.