China [2021] - 63m
Sci-fi, Horror
Directed by
Jintao Lu, Dawei Zhang
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October 01, 2021


Now this was interesting. After sci-fi hit the Chinese blockbuster and indie productions, it's finally spawning some bona fide genre films. The Chinese hour-long productions have really risen in quality and Invisible Alien does a lot of things right. At just 60 minutes, there's also no time to waste.

The Deep Space mission was sent out to find alien life. After going off the radar for a couple of decades, the station returns to Earth with just one survivor on board. Through an interview with the survivor, we learn what happened on the spaceship, and what happened to the rest of the crew.

The production values are surprisingly good, the creature designs are fun and creative and the pacing is perfect. There's no cruft here, there's hardly any drama that holds up the plot and the film delivers a fine mix between sci-fi and horror. Fingers crossed this is the first of many, I would really like to see more of this.