2020 / 77m - USA
Comedy, Horror
It Cuts Deep poster


April 27, 2023


An odd, dark comedy. It's not often that I run across a comedy (or a film in general really) that still manages to surprise me, but It Cuts Deep did just that. Not that it's a wholly original film, as the mix of cringe comedy and thriller/horror elements has been done before, it's just that the execution was spot on.

Sam and Ashley take a little vacation to visit Sam's hometown. Ashley wants Sam to commit to their relationship, but he's a jokester who doesn't seem too concerned with settling down just yet. When they run into Nolan, Sam's childhood friend, things start to spiral out of control and Sam's old demons resurface.

Gould is the real treasure here. I'm not even sure if he's a good actor or just incredibly well-cast, but he's one of the most terrible characters I've ever seen on screen, and he's just perfect for this type of dark comedy. The film is daft but funny, the soundtrack is a surprising ally of the comedy, the finale is lovely and the runtime is perfect. It's just the overall presentation that felt a bit cheap, but other than that, I had a great time.