1963 / 210m - USA
Action, Comedy
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World poster


August 31, 2023


Surprisingly light film by Stanley Cramer. It's a film that earned its title, sadly, it turned out to be a little too one-note and with a runtime this long, the entertainment value started to dry up after a while. It's a shame as I really liked the first hour or so, I wish there had been a better editor available.

When a car crashes down a mountain, several witnesses go to check if there are any survivors. One man lies next to his car, telling everyone who can hear that a huge treasure is buried in a faraway location. When the people can't agree on a fair deal, it becomes a race to see who can reach the treasure first.

There's quite a bit of shouting going on, and the setup is a tad simple, but it makes for a pretty chaotic film with plenty of car chases (other vehicles are involved too). The performances aren't great, the second half is quite repetitive, but the manic atmosphere and the preference of comedy over a more serious film make this a pretty decent ride. If only it had been at least 30 minutes shorter.