2022 / 103m - Indonesia
Ivanna poster


January 15, 2023


Stamboel sticking to his guns. Ivanna is a pretty standard Indonesian horror flick, the kind Stamboel has been involved with since the very beginning of his career. While there are some interesting moments and memorable details (especially for people with a Dutch background), it was maybe a bit too expected to make a real impact.

Ivanna is a Dutch girl who was brutally murdered when the Japanese took over Indonesia. Years later, some people living in a nursery home stumble upon her remains. Ivanna's brutal death turned her into a vengeful ghost, and she starts haunting the people who discovered her body, ripping off their heads.

The build-up is a little slow and the scares aren't all that original. If you've seen a few of these Indonesian horror films, you probably know what to expect. The horror bits are properly executed though, and once the haunt starts things do pick up. Not Stamboel's best, but a pleasant horror film nonetheless.