2016 / 100m - USA
Jackie poster


November 24, 2022


Larrain's first big Hollywood project. The nice thing is that he didn't try to make a typical American film, even though the subject is as American as you can get. Jackie could've been a run-of-the-mill biography about one of the most famous presidential wives the US has seen, but Larrain makes it into something more.

The film focuses on a very limited set of moments in Jackie Kennedy's life, with the main thread being an interview conducted right after the assassination of her husband. Even though the film is called Jackie, JFK is a looming presence who is felt in every scene, and in every action Jackie undertakes.

The soundtrack is notable, Portman's performance is strong and the film has a clear visual identity. Some parts are more interesting than others (I didn't care much for the White House tour) and the structure is a little predictable (though a nice variation on the more typical biopic), but all in all, a good film.