USA, Canada [2009] - 102m
Comedy, Horror
Directed by
Karyn Kusama
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February 25, 2021


Jennifer's Body is one of those films I deliberately avoided when it came out, but as it garnered somewhat of a cult status in the following decade I decided to gave it a shot after all. I can't say I regret it, but still don't really get what the fuss is all about. It's decent teen horror, nothing more, nothing less.

While the film does its best to add some unique touches, in the ends it's still about the usual tension between popular and nerdy kids in a basic US high school setting. The cast is pretty decent and the plot may have some fun surprises, but for people like me who had their fill of the usual US high school antics it's not going to be quite enough.

The start is a little slow, the "alternative" scene isn't entirely convincing and the high school tropes can get tedious, but once Jennifer's body shifts to horror it becomes a rather amusing film that manages to peaks during its finale. While I don't get the praise it's been receiving in some circles, it's still pretty solid filler.