2022 / 95m - USA
Jerry and Marge Go Large poster


June 19, 2022


A very prim and proper feel-good comedy. It was a bit too safe and unadventurous for my liking, with a slew of well-meaning people and a ridiculously bland "villain", but Cranston's performance saves the film from worse. It kinda works, but barely, and far from well enough to make this a great film.

When Jerry is forced to retire, he feels like his life has ended. When he discovers a flaw in the lottery odds math, he and his wife see it as the perfect opportunity to rekindle their love. They build an entire business around their little scheme, but when some Harvard kids discover the same loophole, they get caught in a strange little feud.

There is no edge whatsoever to the comedy, the characters are all docile and well-meaning, the cinematography and score are safe and a little too pleasant. The lack of comedy films nowadays makes this slightly passable filler, but it's hard to recommend to anybody under 70.