2023 / 120m - Japan
Action, Adventure
Jigen Daisuke poster


October 21, 2023


A rather odd Lupin spin-off. I'm not sure if Jigen Daisuke needed his own film, but props for not making this a run-of-the-mill Lupin live-action film with a different main character. The film does have its own unique mood and does its best to serve a moody, over-the-top slice of action, but it doesn't fully get there.

Daisuke is a famed killer, but his trusted gun is giving him headaches, as its aim is off. He can't seem to fix the problem himself, but then he hears of a famed gunsmith living in Japan. So he travels back to his home country. The gunsmith has left her old life behind her and isn't willing to help Daisuke, who gets caught up in some local drama.

There are some interesting characters and some cool action scenes, but thanks to the somewhat laid-back, jazzy soundtrack and uneven editing it's never quite as cool as it could've been. It's also a tad too long, but you get that with Japanese films. Good fun, but not best in class.