1996 / 89m - USA
Jingle All the Way poster


December 06, 2021


I didn't expect to see a masterpiece going into this one, and sure enough Jingle All the Way has plenty of flaws. Director Levant didn't seem to care much about creating something elevated though, instead he went all-in on daftness and makes extreme efforts to one-up himself all the way through.

Howard is a businessman who cares more about making money than taking care of his family. When he forgets to buy his son the hottest Christmas present, he goes on a last-day adventure to find the action figure. He's not the only one who is doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, and things are about to get pretty heated.

Schwarzenegger is a complete miscast, but that's part of the fun. The special effects are horrible, yet that doesn't stop Levant from making up crazy stunts, and even though the film is pretty Christmassy at the end, there's also enough weirder and meaner comedy to keep things interesting. More fun than I expected it to be.