2021 / 91m - USA
Jolt poster


August 03, 2021


In the wake of films like Atomic Blonde (and in a lesser sense, Crank), it's no surprise to see a film like Jolt popping up. It's a slick action flick, based on a slightly surreal premise, sporting a kick-ass female lead. At least, that's what it was supposed to be on paper, the actual film doesn't quite get here.

Lindy has a rare medical condition where she can't keep her rage under control. The only one who managed to help her is Dr. Munchin, a psychiatrist who developed a vest that delivers electric shocks whenever Lindy's hormones get out of control. Munchin advises her to go out into the world and mingle, but when Lindy's first hookup is found dead the next morning, things are about to get rough.

Beckinsale spends a bit too much time trying to look pretty instead of badass, the styling is nice but not vibrant enough, the action is a bit tame. It looks like Wexler copied quite a bit from better films, without truly understanding what made these films tick. Jolt isn't bad, it's just a bit underwhelming for a film about a raging woman who has to administer electric shocks to keep herself in check.