Kishibe no Tabi
2015 / 127m - Japan
Drama, Fantasy, Romance
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March 25, 2016


A solid drama from Kurosawa, that lacks that little extra to be a real standout. There are some interesting themes at play here and with a bit more attention to the presentation I think this could've been a personal favorite, but all in all, I found the film to be a little too docile and non-committal. I have this with more Kurosawa films though, so I may just not be gelling with his style.

Three years ago, Miyuki's husband disappeared without a trace. He was thought to have drowned at sea, but Miyuki can't accept that version of the story. Then one day her husband turns up at her doorstep. The two reconnect as if nothing happened and go on a little journey together, though it's clear that their relationship isn't what it used to be.

The performances are strong and the film features some rough/challenging themes. All the elements were there for a riveting drama, it's just that there's a bit too much focus on some of the narrative elements (which are less interesting), leaving the characters a little underdeveloped, and passive. Still, if you're a fan of Japanese drama (or Kurosawa's work in particular), it's a worthwhile film.