1916 / 300m - France
Adventure, Crime
Judex poster


October 28, 2022


Feuillade is one of the first directors to make films resembling the commercial cinema of today. Judex is another crime epic from his hand, only now with a respectable hero in the lead. Apparently, Feuillade had received quite a few comments that his earlier films glorified the criminals, so this was his response: one of the first "superhero" films.

Favraux is a corrupt banker who made quite a few enemies for himself. One of those enemies is Judex, a mysterious figure who wants revenge for what Favraux did to him and his family. He seeks out the banker, but his mission becomes a whole lot trickier when he falls in love with Favraux's daughter.

Thank God the pacing is half-decent, as Feuillade's films are pretty damn long. The story and the reveals are rather basic though, and there's a lot of plot to wade through. His work isn't as visual as other films from the era either. Coupled with the length, that made it quite a tough film to sit through.