2021 / 127m - USA
Adventure, Comedy
Jungle Cruise poster


July 31, 2021


A surprisingly fun and decent adventure flick. Disney making a film based on a theme park attraction didn't create high expectations for me personally, I didn't care much for their previous attempts, but Jungle Cruise is a nice exception to the rule. Don't expect anything thoroughly special or unique, just a well-executed (and expensive) genre flick.

Lily Houghton is a female adventurer who isn't taken seriously by her male colleagues. She steals an important artifact and travels to Brazil together with her best friend, where she'll try to find a mysterious tree whose petals are said to cure all disease. Together with a quirky skipper, she starts her journey on the Amazon.

The chemistry between Johnson and Blunt is amusing, the villains are cheeky, the setting is nice and though the CG can be a bit obvious, it's never really distracting. A bit long maybe and the music is a bit bland, Collet-Serra is also mostly absent as a director, other than that, a simple but fun blockbuster.