Sam Sei Goon
1992 / 102m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Drama
Justice, My Foot poster


December 11, 2009


Though the Chow/To combo never resulted in top tier comedy, the quality of their collaborations was consistently strong. Justice, My Foot is a film that delivers exactly what you want and expect from it. That said, it's probably best kept for people who have had prior experience with Hong Kong comedies. Otherwise, this might be a bit much.

Sung is a gifted but rather amoral lawyer. He solves cases at incredible speed, his wife isn't too happy with his the way her husband behaves. She is a veritable martial artist, so Sung promises he'll stop his work as a lawyer. When a pregnant woman is wrongly accused of murder, Sung is willing to make one final exception.

Chow is a delight, To's direction is above average and the hectic, rapid-fire dialogues are a lot of fun. It's not a very leisurely comedy, the energy levels are high from the very start and Chow doesn't really let up. It's a very solid film for people who like this kind of thing, as long as you're in the right mood you can't really go wrong with this one.