Sayonara Kabukichô
2014 / 135m - Japan
Drama, Romance
Kabukichô Love Hotel poster


October 03, 2015


A pleasant Hiroki film, which takes on a different kind of drama here. Kabukicho Love Hotel is a film without a central character, instead, the hotel itself claims the spotlight. While properly executed, it's not really where Hiroki's primary strengths lie, which is something that becomes apparent in this 2-hour plus film.

Kabukicho is part of the Shinjuku district, the titular hotel is a typical love hotel, a place for couples and other interested parties who need a private spot for their sexual adventures. Toru is a young guy who manages the hotel. One day his sister and his friend Saya turn up, and both have some private business there. Meanwhile, a young Korean woman is trying to make a buck to open a store in her home country.

Hiroki skips between different plot lines, but none are truly strong enough to create a gripping drama. The setting is interesting and Hiroki's style works well enough, the performances are also solid, it's just the soundtrack that feels a bit superfluous. All in all, a fun and pleasant addition to Hiroki's oeuvre, but not one of his better films.