1999 / 90m - Japan
Kaleidoscope poster


June 14, 2020


Early Kawase documentary that feels empty and inconsequential. Kawase follows one photographer and two models on a photo shoot. As a director she also participates in the documentary, steering the conversations and critically questioning her subjects, but it never results in something meaningful.

Afterwards, it's hard to distill any kind of tangible topics or themes. The photographer appears to be overthinking his job, the models on the other hand feel lost and uncertain of what is expected of them. But these are very pedestrian problems and observations, nothing I felt should warrant an 80-minute documentary.

I'm sure this sounded way more interesting when Kawase thought up the idea, people who are interested in everyday slices of life might get something out of it, but it didn't do very little for me. The awkward and and stilted conversations held a smidgen of appeal, beyond that it's completely forgettable.