2016 / 105m - USA
Comedy, Action
Keeping Up with the Joneses poster


June 05, 2021


Simple comedy that doesn't take too many chances. It's a bit of an odd niche (the neighbors-are-spies one), but one that never seems to deviate too much from its set path, even though its premise is pretty absurd. Mottola does a decent job here, but fails to make Keeping Up with the Joneses stand out.

When the Joneses move into their new house, the people in their neighborhood aren't quite sure how to react to this flashy, worldly couple. Karen doesn't trust the two, but her husband, HR manager Jeff, is pretty taken with Tim Jones and does his best to make them feel at home.

The cast does a decent job, with Galifianakis as the obvious stand-out. There are too many jokes that don't fully land, and the action scenes feel somewhat underdeveloped, though the light tone of the film makes it easy to digest. It's certainly not a terrible film, just one that fails to stand out in any way.