2020 / 100m - Canada
Comedy, Mystery
The Kid Detective poster


March 13, 2021


A dry, quirky and fun mystery. The Kid Detective is a film that may look a bit inconspicuous at first and might be glossed over rather quickly, but if you pay closer attention it's a pretty original film that finds the perfect balance between comedy and mystery and lives on an island of its own.

The premise is pretty silly, about a child prodigy detective whose life takes a turn for the worse when he can't solve the mystery of the kidnapping of his 14-year-old friend. Years later he finally gets a break, when a local girl hires him to investigate the gruesome murder on her boyfriend.

Brody and NĂ©lisse are both terrific, the comedy is understated but funny, there are some fun little twists and the mystery elements are actually pleasant. The cinematography and soundtrack are just a little too plain to make this a real masterpiece, but it's prime filler that offers plenty of entertainment.