2006 / 89m - UK
Crime, Drama
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November 21, 2006


February 20, 2024


A slightly more mundane version of La Haine, set in London. It's a good film, with solid performances and a great selection of hip-hop tracks, but the plot's a little too predictable and the direction a tad too simple to be a true masterpiece. I used to love this film, but it lost some of its appeal over the years.

Trife and his friends get a day off from school when a girl hangs herself after being extensively bullied by her classmates. They walk around town, getting into trouble wherever they go. Meanwhile, their arch nemesis Sam is looking for them after they crashed his house to take back what he stole from them.

It's clear from the start this is one of those films where violence is going to spin out of control, so the finale isn't quite as powerful as it could've been. I liked the music and the setting though, the decidedly British youth culture has a clear appeal, yet it wasn't quite enough for me to remain an undivided champion of this film. Still worth a try if you haven't seen it already.