Joshi Kousei ni Korosaretai
2022 / 110m - Japan
I Want to Be Killed by a High School Girl poster


October 05, 2022


A film that screams book (or manga) adaptation. The presentation is pleasant, but the story takes too much precedence and the constant voice-overs mixed with the convoluted plot make it difficult to get truly invested in the film. It betrays the film's more commercial goals.

When a new, young teacher is enlisted, all the students fall for his charms. He seems like a stand-up guy, but it is slowly revealed that he wasn't just hired by chance. The guy has been brooding on his master plan for years: create a situation where he'll be killed by a high school girl.

If the plot sounds a bit odd, is because it is. There's a proper explanation for all of it of course, but it's not that convincing and the many subplots detract from the main story. The performances aren't too great, but the cinematography is lovely and the contemporary score is a nice touch. It's a perfectly fine film, I just wish a better director could've handled it.