USA [1946] - 103m
Directed by
Robert Siodmak
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October 30, 2020


Disappointing. The Killers started off very promising. Heavily contrasting black & white cinematography, a solid pace, a simple but intriguing premise. Everything was present to turn this into an entertaining film, except the will to keep it going. After the introduction, it gets duller by the minute.

Two killers for hire murder a gas station clerk. An insurance claims specialist is interested in the case and starts an investigation. Through a series of flashbacks we learn that the clerk is an ex-boxer whose glory has faded over the years. The deeper they dig, the more it looks like there's a hidden angle to the murder.

The intro is moody, the rest of the film is just people talking and narratives unfolding. Endless conversations between rather bland characters that reveal the true nature of the murder, which isn't interesting in the least. It's a shame to see the potential go to waste, looking at the first 10 minutes this could've been a decent classic.