Palabras Encadenadas
2003 / 89m - Spain
Killing Words poster


February 12, 2005


January 31, 2024


An interesting little genre film. I don't think Killing Words ever made any big waves, I'm not even sure how I landed at the film, but I was pleasantly surprised the first time I watched it. Since then, it has lost some of its original shine, but people with an affinity for 00s genre cinema should give it a go.

Ramón is a mild-mannered psychopath. One day he kidnaps his doctor, ties her up in his basement, and shows her a video with a message that he will kill her. It's the start of a game of cat and mouse between Ramón and his doctor, who does her best to turn the situation in her favor.

It's a crafty thriller with tense scenes and solid performances. It's also one of those films where knowing the plot slightly lessens the experience. The styling is pleasant but nothing too out of the ordinary, the scenes with the cops are a little redundant, and even though the film is pretty short, a bit of tightening would've helped. Prime genre filler.