1997 / 55m - Japan
Horror, Sci-fi - Animation
Kimera poster


January 09, 2023


A classic mix of horror and sci-fi. It's a film that could've been made a decade earlier and nobody would have noticed, but if you like this kind of thing that's not necessarily a negative. Kimera is simple genre filler that delivers where it matters but makes little effort to go beyond the expected. Sometimes, that's all you really need from a film.

Two salesmen are in for quite a scare when they are driving home one night. They notice an accident on the side of the road, surrounded by some heavily guarded men. When the salesmen get out of their car the shit hits the fan and they get wrapped up in some shady business that involves aliens, human experiments, and government cover-ups.

The animation is pretty decent but hardly spectacular, the same can be said about the art style. The plot is standard but the pacing is high and the runtime is limited, so there's no time to get bored by any of it. All in all, a solid but very expected genre mix that could've used a bit of extra spice to stand out from the crowd, but is still pleasant for genre fans.