2004 / 126m - USA
Action, Adventure
King Arthur poster


September 24, 2022


Fuqua is a decent enough director, but when he ventures outside of his comfort zone it quickly becomes apparent that he is somewhat limited too. I don't really care much for these historic epics, but King Arthur turned out to be particularly boring. A bland and generic blockbuster spectacle that never felt very spectacular.

The film offers a somewhat grittier and more realistic take on the King Arthur legend, which means that it removed all the fun parts and leaves the story about a boarish man going on a quest to unite Britain and give the land back to its people. Much fighting and battlefields ahead in other words.

The performances are weak, the cinematography is bland and the plot didn't interest me at all. The two-hour runtime isn't that extreme, but it was still way too long for a film where I found nothing to amuse myself with. It's a good thing this was just a one-off for Fuqua because this was pretty terrible.