2021 / 144m - USA
Drama, Sport
King Richard poster


December 02, 2023


The weirdest thing about this film is that it isn't about the Williams sisters (two of the greatest tennis icons), but about their dad. While the two sisters play a vital part in the film (obviously), their career (the start in particular) is framed from their father's point of view. Now, I'm sure the man had an important part to play, but huh?

Richard Williams has it all planned out. He and his wife know they've got gold on their hands when they realize two of their children are very good at playing tennis. Richard is a stubborn man, but his plan to get his daughters to the top is sound, and even though people in the industry doubt him, he perseveres.

The performances aren't too bad and there are a few memorable moments, but other than that it's a typical Hollywood sports drama. It never feels genuine, it never comes off as very realistic. The film feels scripted, too melodramatic, and too polished. It's not the most terrible film, but it's far from a good one.