USA, Canada [2019] - 102m
Directed by
Andrea Berloff
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June 14, 2021


DC's big gender battle movie. While the film doesn't have any obvious superhero motives, the simplistic characters, plot and themes betray the film's origin and source. At the same time, it brings a certain lightness that makes it more bearable than would it have been played dead serious.

Three Irish gangsters are apprehended by the police, their wives are left behind. The other gang members don't really feel like helping them out, so they take matters in their own hands and form their own gang. With a little help from former friends, they quickly take over the neighborhood.

The biggest problem here is the casting. McCarthy and Moss are totally unfit for their parts, Haddish really struggles and barely hits the mark. It also would've been better if the film had leaned in a little more on its simple setup, making more room for stylistic frivolities instead of dire plot points, but it certainly could've been a lot worse. Decent filler.