1971 / 114m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Klute poster


July 15, 2022


A typical 70s crime/thriller, almost saved by the slightly above average lead performances. The name of the film has always stood out to me, but I'm not a big fan of 70s grime and Pakula isn't really my kind of director, so it took me a while to get around to it. Maybe that's why I was somewhat pleasantly surprised this wasn't the complete disaster I was expecting.

John Klute is a private detective looking for a man who went missing. As he follows his trail, he meets Bree, a New York prostitute who might know more about the case. Klute tries to scam her into helping him, but as the two spend more time together, a romance begins to develop between them.

The dreary cinematography is a turn-off and the pacing is pretty problematic. But Sutherland and Fonda do a pretty solid job, adding intrigue to their characters to offset some of the inherent boredom. The plot isn't too exciting either, but I've definitely seen worse from this genre/era.