Bai Ye Xia
2018 / 94m - China
The Knight in the White Night poster


March 29, 2021


Chinese genre fluff. One of the earlier films that fronted the explosion of Chinese genre pulp, and it shows. They learned an awful lot in a short period of time and the more recent films of this caliber are notably better, even so this wasn't such a terrible film, especially compared to some of its contemporaries.

When Japan invades China during the Ming dynasty, they bring guns with them. Martial artists can't defend themselves against the bullets, but there's a fabled book that is supposed to grant them immunity. Everyone is after the book, even the Japanese send a team of ninjas to try and grab it before the rest.

Performances are a little weak and the comedy doesn't work that well, but the martial arts scenes are on point and the sets/costumes look nice enough. Like most of these film, the short runtime and solid pacing are perks, apart from that it's just simple genre fare that will appeal to fans, but few others.