Cing Ceon Dau
2014 / 87m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Kung Fu Angels poster


June 19, 2016


Yau is a pretty interesting director, but sometimes I wonder why he even bothers. He stands out when he is allowed to be a bit different from the norm. When he is forced to stick to clear genre conventions and isn't granted a decent budget to invest, the quality of his work takes a dive real fast. Kung Fu Angels is such a film.

Nancy shows a lot of promise playing volleyball. She enlists in a prestigious sports college, hoping to break into the big leagues. At first, she doesn't feel at home, but then she runs into Tom. His good looks and dashing personality convince Nancy to continue, but she isn't the only one who wants to hook up with Tom.

The plot is incredibly bland, the performances are weak and Yau's signature is completely absent. It's the simplest genre fodder you can imagine, and that just highlights Yau's weaknesses. The film is pretty short and the pacing is decent, which keeps it from scoring even worse, but I wouldn't recommend this unless you really love sporty romcoms.