Jeuk Sing
2005 / 98m - Hong Kong
Kung Fu Mahjong poster


September 08, 2005


Jing Wong was so desperate to launch a new gambling-themed comedy franchise that he made two Kung Fu Mahjong in the same year. As is often the case with these back to back projects the quality between the different instalments is pretty consistent, meaning this first film is rather amusing, but hardly world-class cinema.

Chi Mo-Sai is a professional gambler who is more used to losing than winning. His luck changes when he meets a seasoned croupier. He convinces the man to follow him around and with him by his side he suddenly wins every gamble he makes. But with fortune comes hardship and it doesn't take long before Mo-Sai's life becomes a lot more complicated.

I've seen quite a few mahjong-themed film, but I'm still completely clueless about its rules. That isn't much of a barrier as Wong is more interested in providing silly entertainment with these films. There are some pretty funny bits, it's just a shame that the technical qualities of this series are pretty limited. Decent fun, but only if you know what you're getting yourself into.