Jeuk Sing 2 Gi Ji Mor Tin Hau
2005 / 96m - Hong Kong
Kung Fu Mahjong 2 poster


March 12, 2007


Wong didn't tweak the format for this sequel. It still plays like a regular sports movie, only with mahjong and martial arts instead of sports. It really makes no sense at all, but that's part of the appeal of these films. The dedication to the nonsensical side is an essential element in making this a successful comedy.

Fanny is a mahjong champ on the rise. She hopes to put her skills to good use when her husband finds himself in debt, but she's barred from pursuing her talent at this crucial time. That doesn't stop her though, even when her luck seems to be running out she continues playing.

The plot is as basic as can be, but the mix of gambling and martial arts provides more than enough material for some decent jokes. I think Wong had hoped to turn this into an even bigger franchise (much like the God of Gamblers series), but that never quite happened. Still, if you like Wong's gambling films, this is a pretty solid bet.