Ye Maan Bei Kup
2006 / 90m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Fantasy
My Kung Fu Sweetheart poster


January 31, 2009


A zany martial arts comedy from prolific director Jing Wong. It doesn't really feel like a typical Jing Wong production, on the other hand you can recognize a lot of influences from his previous films. This feels like a cocktail of everything he's done in the past 25 years, it's no surprise then that the result is a little uneven.

It's like watching a different film every ten minutes. One moment you're looking at daft comedy that seems like it's aimed at kids under 12, the next scene Wong doesn't shy away from a pretty gruesome liquidation. Add some martial arts, a guy in a hawk suit, a bit of melodrama and you're still not halfway there.

But it's all just good fun and Wong is clearly having the time of his life. Some scenes are absolute terrible, others are a real delight. It goes back and forth like that the entire runtime, which is sure to get on some people's nerves, but I appreciate this type of excruciating Hong Kong comedy. Not great, something very doubty, but a lot of fun.