USA [1941] - 94m
Comedy, Romance
Directed by
Preston Sturges
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October 26, 2020


Early romcom that isn't very funny and isn't all that romantic either. The biggest problem for me is that these classic romances never feel very passionate. The acting is too on the nose, there is no real chemistry between the actors, as they go from hot to cold and back again in just a single scene.

Charles is a rich kid looking for companionship. When taking a trip by boat he runs into Jean, one third of a trio of scammers. They see in Charles the ideal chump, but Jean falls for the charms of Charles and decides to better her life. When Charles finds out she tried to play him though, he calls off their relationship.

Performances are mediocre, the slapstick feels pretty out of place and the plot couldn't really draw me in. It's a good thing the pacing is decent, the runtime is rather short and the atmosphere remains light from start to finish. These things make the film a little easier to sit through, but that's about it.