1973 / 97m - Japan
Action, Crime
Lady Snowblood poster


May 03, 2021


Infamous revenge flick, in part popularized by Tarantino's Kill Bill. And sure enough, Lady Snowblood's influences are clear enough. A lady in a colorful kimono and carrying a big, bold umbrella is on a mission for revenge. It's a simple enough concept, elevated by truly striking cinematography.

Yuki is a fierce woman who trained long and hard to become a ruthless assassin. Her goal is to avenge her family, which was ravaged by a band of swindlers before she was even born. Once she is ready to enact her revenge, her first goal is to track down the swindlers. For that she requests the help of a friendly clan.

Lady Snowblood is a film with two faces. The action scenes are lovely and the cinematography is awesome, with strong colors and nifty camera work. The plot structure on the other hand is disappointing (way too many flashbacks) and much time is wasted on inconsequential plot points. It's a shame, as at its best this film is really something. It's just not very consistent.