1985 / 121m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure
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January 25, 2022


A pretty unique kind of kitsch. I'm not entirely sure what Donner was thinking when he directed this film, but the result is beyond camp and unintentionally funny. It's obviously a pretty expensive film, but the horrendous performances, the offensively cheesy soundtrack and some very questionable directing choices turned this into an intriguing train wreck.

Gaston is a petty thief who escapes his imprisonment in Aquila. While being chased by soldiers, he bumps into Navarre, who saves him from their clutches. Navarre is a lone warrior who travels together with his hawk and is out to kill the bishop op Aquila. Gaston decides to join him in his quest.

Time has not been kind to this film. The colors are kitsch, Broderick and Hauer are amateurish, the plot is a snoozefest and the ever-present soundtrack deserves a decade's worth of Razzies. Somehow the kitsch was just the right amount of astonishing to keep me interested, but a good film this is not.