2015 / 99m - USA
Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant poster


December 20, 2021


With Larry Gaye, Friedlander and Sikowitz did their very best to revive the heydays of the Zucker/Nielsen comedy. So much in fact that they blatantly rehashed one of the most iconic jokes from Airplane. A ballsy move, but a true highlight of the genre this is not. It is however a light and shameless comedy, a rare sight indeed.

Larry Gaye is a skilled and respected flight attendant, but his life-long dream was to become a pilot. As he suffers from narcolepsy that dream never realized and Larry retreated into the glitzy but unfulfilling life of shallow relationships and fleeting passion. Until he accidentally bumps into the only girl he ever loved.

Exaggerated situational comedy, the most awful puns, a happy-go-lucky lead and a penchant to kill every dramatic moment, so that comedy reigns supreme. The formula is there, the execution is solid enough, but the jokes are pretty hit-and-miss. Still, with the lack of 100% comedies nowadays, this was pretty welcome comedy filler.