2019 / 103m - UK
Romance, Comedy
Last Christmas poster


December 22, 2021


What if you took the famous Wham song and make an entire film out of its signature line? Well, that's exactly what Feig and Thompson did here. Last Christmas is a simple Christmas romcom that stick closely to conventions, and tries to win people over with its a healthy dose of British charm.

Kate is trying to make it as a singer, but her career is in a slump and her personal life isn't faring any better. Her luck changes when she meets Tom, a positive young man who sees the good in everything. He helps Kate to get her life back on track again, but when she starts to fall in love, Tom suddenly disappears.

The film has a fun cast, with Golding and Clarke having plenty of onscreen chemistry. It's a bit weird to see Yeoh as a Christmas-loving aunt instead of an ass-kicking heroine, but quirky casting choices like that add to the fun. The film can get pretty cheesy (though what did you expect, look at the genre/title), but the cast is solid, the comedy is nice enough and the pacing is pleasant. Fine filler.