1992 / 112m - USA
Romance, War
The Last of the Mohicans poster


January 27, 2022


I never really got the fuss regarding Michael Mann, this cheesy war epic didn't do much to change my mind. The cinematography and score were ever so slightly above average, but not enough to counter the cheap sentiment that drags the entire film down. At two hours, this is another seriously flawed film.

Hawkeye is a European man adopted by one of the Indian tribes. A colonial war between the French and Brits wages in America. Both sides enlist different Indian tribes to help them out, Hawkeye ends up on the side of the Brits. He falls madly in love with the general's daughter, who he vows to protect.

Daniel Day-Lewis' performance is pretty terrible, the romance is kitsch and the sentiment never feels earned. It's 100% unfiltered Hollywood schmaltz, but clearly there's an audience for that. At least the cinematography, setting and score manage to ease the pain just a little, but it's hardly enough to save this film.