2021 / 109m - UK
Drama, Fantasy
Last Train to Christmas poster


December 28, 2021


An odd little Christmas movie. From the outside it looked like a simple Christmas comedy, but there's a lot more going on under the hood. I hadn't expected a nifty time travel mechanic, nor did I expect a more dramatic plot. I'm not saying this will grow out to become a future Christmas classic, but it's a worthy gamble for people who want a slightly different Christmas flick.

Tony Towers is a local celebrity, who board a train to Nottingham. When he goes to the bar, he suddenly finds himself in the future, looking like a complete bum. He begins to piece things together and by moving up and down the train, he tries to get his life in order. That's easier said than done.

Michael Sheen's performance is rather overstated, but he pulls it off just fine. The direction is a little basic (not too surprising, since this is a TV project), but the writing is pretty nifty and the plot is surprisingly intricate, though still easy enough to keep track of. A pleasant surprise and a memorable film.