1951 / 78m - UK
Comedy, Crime
The Lavender Hill Mob poster


December 17, 2020


An odd little film. Maybe I've seen a few too many film noirs lately, but I figured that stylistically this little heist flick was a pretty good match. The only difference being that this is a jolly old British comedy, with plenty of puns and an upbeat soundtrack, which makes for a very different type of film. Sadly it didn't make for a particularly good one.

An employee of a company that transports gold decides it's time to grant himself a little bonus. Together with a sculptor friend a few more hardened criminals he devises an airtight plan to steal the gold. During the heist the operation goes smoothly, but once they have the gold the real trouble starts.

It's interesting to see a more uplifting execution of a simple heist setup, but the comedy hasn't aged that well. It's all very stuffy and outdated. The performances are decent and the pacing is fine too, not in the least because the runtime is rather short, but in the end I didn't derive much pleasure from this film.