China [2020] - 95m
Directed by
Tao Hai
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League of Gods: Alluring Woman poster


March 24, 2021


More fox fantasies. This is not a sequel to the earlier League of Gods film, instead Alluring Woman is a smaller budget spin-off based on the same source material. I've been watching quite a few of these films lately, and they're pretty fun, though still one step away from masterful genre work.

A nine-tailed fox spirit is rescued by the king, giving her a second chance to make the most of her life. She returns to his palace and sneaks in as an innocent girl. Once there she starts manipulating people in order to seize control over the palace. She's doing well until an old enemy shows up in the palace.

The costumes and sets are extremely lush. Vibrant colors and rich details make this a visual treat. That is, if you don't count the poor CG. It's a hurdle that's keeping a lot of these Chinese films down. Performances are decent and the plot is fun enough, if only they'd put a little more effort into their computer foolery films like these would be at the top of their niche.