Ngo Joh Ngan Gin Do Gwai
2002 / 98m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Horror, Romance
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts poster


June 05, 2010


Another To/Wai production. While Johnnie To is best known for his crime films in the West, he also made a fair few comedies. Hong Kong comedy isn't a great export product, so unless you're well familiar with the niche, it may be difficult to see how To's films stand out. Believe me, they really do, and something like My Left Eye Sees Ghosts isn't all that representative for the genre.

The title should be pretty self-explanatory. When May becomes a widow, she discovers she can suddenly ... see ghosts with her left eye. The ghosts quickly catch on and bug May with requests. She isn't too interested in helping them, she only wants to find the soul of her deceased husband. For that, she seeks help from a shady psychic.

Sammi Cheng is always a pleasure, Lau is solid too, though you have to be able to stand a hefty bit of overacting. The mix of genres is fun (just don't expect any horror elements, this is basically a quirky romcom) and To's direction is on point, only nowhere near his best work. An amusing diversion for fans of To and Hong Kong comedy.