Gu Jian Qi Tan Zhi Liu Yue Zhao Ming
2018 / 105m - China
Fantasy, Action
Legend of the Ancient Sword poster


April 09, 2022


Renny Harlin, the man who follows the money. The Finnish director spent a long time in Hollywood, but moved to China when he saw opportunities in their budding movie industry. He directed a handful of Chinese blockbusters so far, and like most of his films, they aren't the greatest, but offer decent blockbuster fun for those who care for such things.

Three warriors are looking for a unique ring, which supposedly leads the way to a lost martial arts master. When the ring is auctioned, they all show up, but they're not alone as an evil power also wants the ring for himself. The three vow to work together and learn that the ring is part of a legendary sword.

The CG is hit-and-miss, and the fantasy elements feel a bit random, other than that this was a fun and entertaining ride. The film's universe is creative enough, the action is pretty decent and the pacing hardly ever slows down. Exactly what you can expect from a Harlin blockbuster.