Also known as
Yip Man Chinchyun
Hong Kong [2010] - 100m
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February 10, 2012


Ten years ago, there was no lack of Yip Man films. Wilson Yip's trilogy stood out the most, Kar-Wai's film would target the arthouse market and Yau's films were there for genre fan who simply couldn't get enough of the legendary Wing Chun master. This first film handles Yip Man's early years (for those who didn't get that from the title).

As a young man, Yip Man joins the Wing Chun school of Chan Wah-Shun. When he dies, Ng Chung-So takes over and finishes Man's education. In Hong Kong, Man finds a third master who further refines his skills, but this raises a conflict with Ng. In order to settle this conflict, Man is forced to take on his adopted brother, who carries with him a dark secret.

With Sammo Hung And Biao Yuen on board there's plenty of martial arts savvy, the action is solid, the performances are on point. The Legend is Born also looks polished enough, but it's impossible not to compare this to Wilson Yip's films, and then Yau comes up short. Nothing to be ashamed of, but make sure you watch the other Yip Man films first.

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